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Teen Group

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Every Sunday - from 11:30 to 12:45pm

The Centre for Spiritual Living, Edmonton (in the Solarium)

Teen Group in an opportunity for teens to be who they are, express themselves and be loved unconditionally as well as learn about spiritual principles and practices and how to apply them in their life experience. Teen Group is an affirmative environment, reminding our teens every week that they are perfect and beautiful expressions of Spirit.

Teen group is fun. Each teen group evening includes a variety of activities which are experiential and workshop based. A safe space is created for the teens to share what is going on in their world, and the workshop of the day assists them on their path.

Fundraising is important for all teens. Resources are used to get all our teens to Western Canadian Winter Camp and summer camp in California.

If you are interested or know a teen, this group is always open to you. For more information, contact Saskia at


Taylor Rae, Age 15:
Teen group is an amazing place to be! Meeting on Sundays is so great because we get to come at the end of the week, let go of everything that happened and all the stress and then start a new week fresh and fabulous!

Saskia, age 19:
Teen group is a place where all the negativity in our everyday life eases to exist; a place free of judgement; a place where I am free to be me and only me!

Come and laugh and cry and play and learn and be, just be YOU!

Make life long friends, stand in your own power and truth, be a better you and experience something you have never experienced before.

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