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Weekly talks given by Rev. Patrick for free download

We are a spiritual community that blesses all teachings and all spiritual teachers. We know that there is no wrong way to worship, whether it be lighting a candle, facing the east, burning incense, repeating a mantra, lighting a menorah, or offering prayer. We respect all the ways there are to draw closer to Spirit, for even though there may appear to be great differences in the path, the destination is the same.

As an expression of our community, the Spiritual Living Podcast offers you weekly messages on the principles and practice of spiritual living, delivered by Rev. Patrick Cameron and various guest speakers.

Each talk may be downloaded from this page by clicking the links that follow. Or you may choose to subscribe to this podcast and have each new talk downloaded automatically to your iPod or mp3 player.

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Thriving Through Metamorphosis

This week, guest speaker Dr. Pat Campbell talks on Thriving Through Metamorphosis.

Organizations such as ours commonly have vision and mission statements. To have a personal vision statement is to have a mental equivalent of how we want our life to look and how we want our life to work.

To grow. This is the simple vision and mission of the entire Universe. The Universe's vision and mission is to grow. So for us, Nature will not let us stay in one place too long. Nature demands the change in order that we may advance.

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Living from the Discovery

A belief is what we choose to be like. For example, we can accept that evil exists in the world, but we choose not to believe in it.

We choose to live a life by intention, aligning ourselves to the Divine Flow of life. We trust our inner guidance. We welcome the challenges. We are all here, and we are meant to succeed.

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Playing in the Discovery

To answer the call of our own lives is so important. We may live in our intellect but are reminded to live in our intuition as well.

Perfectionism prevents us from playing in the discovery of our own passions. It holds us back. But mercy is about having a kindness and forgiveness of self and others, to set ourselves free and to allow us to move forward.

We need to remember to play. All of our gifts are interrelated. We already have within us what we need. If we listen and then take action to move forward, that's all we need to do.

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Discovery of One's Passions

April's theme is "Harmony with Oneself", and this week's talk is about the discovery of one's passions.

We don't choose our wildest dream---it chooses us. Our dreams point us towards our natural environment. And when we're not using our deeper gifts, we find ways to distract ourselves.

We long to connect with our potentiality, with the vibrancy that's seeking expression.

Living from our calling, we become fully alive.

Regardless of the obstacles in our lives, what do we long to be about right now?

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Order to Chaos

In celebrating the emergence of the Cosmic Christ, Dr. Patrick examines the principle of Order to Chaos. The idea of the chaordic (chaos and order) is that under all the discord and chaos is an emerging order.

This is what Jesus modelled for us: "It's not what you do to me---It's how I respond to it." Jesus went out into the desert for a long time to re-tool his own consciousness. He was "mind fasting". This is embracing the mind in a way that it cannot control us. It is working with the mind so that eventually we decide what our mindset is.

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Overcoming the Environment

Thought, emotion, and action must be unified in purpose and intent. There must be no conflict between them, or we will find ourselves in a position where one will negate the good in the others. We must intellectually accept the truth of our affirmations of good, we must emotionally embody and feel them, live them right now, and our every act must demonstrate that we know that they are actualities. It makes no difference if they are on the spiritual level at the present moment---they have to be there first in order to ever be any place else. -- Ernest Holmes on "Avoid Civil War"

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The Quantum You

Joe Dispenza gives four simple practices: simplify, break it down, work in short bursts, and slow it down.

The quantum field that is us unfolds according to the following principles: Energy responds to mindful attention. We are energetically connected to everything in the quantum field---present, future, and past. It is important to be congruent with heart and mind. The quantum field should be full of surprise and awe. And finally, our participation with the quantum field should be full of thanks.

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Architects of the Beloved Community

I live to be the message that I long to see.
I long to be the way that I am looking for.
I need to shine the Light that I long to see. -- Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

In Latin, the word community means the coming together in the performance of services. In other words, community is a call to action.

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The Second Coming

The Second Coming is an awakening to our own state of Christ Consciousness. We become the place where it happens, or not.

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