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Weekly talks given by Rev. Patrick for free download

We are a spiritual community that blesses all teachings and all spiritual teachers. We know that there is no wrong way to worship, whether it be lighting a candle, facing the east, burning incense, repeating a mantra, lighting a menorah, or offering prayer. We respect all the ways there are to draw closer to Spirit, for even though there may appear to be great differences in the path, the destination is the same.

As an expression of our community, the Spiritual Living Podcast offers you weekly messages on the principles and practice of spiritual living, delivered by Rev. Patrick Cameron and various guest speakers.

Each talk may be downloaded from this page by clicking the links that follow. Or you may choose to subscribe to this podcast and have each new talk downloaded automatically to your iPod or mp3 player.

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A Life of Prayer

God is able to make all grace abound toward us; that we, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.

The enemy of prayer is inertia---resistance to change. If we'd like change to occur in our lives, then pray, pray, pray. It is the inertia within our consciousness that makes us feel like not praying. A life of prayer takes courage and a willingness to change.

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The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley

The simplest thing we teach is that the only moment is now. The hardest thing we teach is being in the present moment, because life is so full of distractions.

Between this thought and the next thought is where we find our Connection. That is why practicing meditation is so important.

We all long for a greater experience of the Infinite, a greater experience of God, a greater experience of Wholeness. We need to become that clean, hollow vessel. This means looking at things in our lives that are limiting our experience.

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John of God

Rev. Patrick's spirit was renewed when he went to see the amazing mystic healer/medium John of God in Brazil. There is an incredible vibration of love present, and through it, revelations and healing come. For Rev. Patrick, the main revelation was this: "There is nothing to fear. There is an army of light, an unseen force for good, and all we have to do is ask for help. There is a Power for Good in the Universe that we can direct and use.

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Soul Space

In this week's talk, Rev. Connie Nissen contemplates the home. The spaces that we inhabit---that make up our home and workspace---reflect the state of our inner space. The interior design of our home is really a mirror of our own interior design.

Where we live and what we live with are an extension of who we are. Our living quarters are a physical manifestation of our emotional wants and needs, a mirror of our thoughts, dreams, hopes, wishes, and issues.

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