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Where Abundance Shows Up

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Today, we look at the journey that brings our soul to money, and money to our soul.

It is a journey of realigning our relationship with money to be more truthful, free, and potent. It enables us to live a life of integrity and full expression that is consistent with our deepest core values no matter what our financial circumstances.

On this journey, we learn to embrace its flow. It is all about forming a life not grounded by wants and needs, but by commitments.

Ultimately, we find that our life is independent of our financial situation.

For many of us, our first thought of the day is, "Not enough sleep." And our second thought is, "Not enough time." We can see how immersed we are in an internal mindset of scarcity. This fuels our outer experiences of discord, fighting, annoyances, and grief.

But we can change this pattern and form a new dream. And how can we change the dream of the modern world? It takes knowing ourselves at a deeper level, and it requires courage. Our opportunity is ultimately to answer the call of greatness.

Like no other time in history, we are free to make meaningful lives. Be ennobled by this thought!