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Transformation: What We Have to Lose

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Fear is opportunity. The ups and downs of life either create personal growth or personal fear. Which of these dominate is completely dependent on how we view change.

Fear is the tool of a man-made devil. Self-confident faith in oneself is both the man-made weapon which defeats this devil and the man-made tool which builds a triumphant life. It is more than that. It is the link to the irresistible forces of the Universe which stand behind a person who does not believe in failure and defeat as being anything but temporary experiences. -- Napoleon Hill

Situations are often not as we like. How do we come up with the assumption that life is not okay the way it is? Who says that the way that life unfolds is not alright? Fear.

Projection is this: We define all of creation based on the messed up parts of our insides. If this is so, then what do we expect creation to look like?

For spiritual evolution, the heart must become a sea of love, and the mind must become a river of detachment. Let us prepare our mind to receive the best that life has to offer.

As for the person we are called to become, how would they operate this day?

In order to be who we are, we have to be willing to let go of who we think we are. -- Michael Singer

When prayer removes distrust and doubt, and enters the field of mental certainty, it becomes faith; and the Universe is built on faith. -- Dr. Ernest Holmes