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Transformation of the Heart

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Our souls long to be free.

For each of us, the only significant experience with the Divine is the direct experience. It is very personal. There has to be an opening. It has to be welcomed. The world of the senses draws us in. Then our mental reactions and emotions draw us in further.

What differentiates a conscious-centred being from a person who is not conscious is the focus of their awareness. True meditation is the simple awareness of being aware.

When the heart opens, we feel love. When the heart closes, love stops. The heart controls the flow of energy by opening and closing. This is the secret of the spiritual heart. The heart is the centre of Divine Love and perfect circulation. Its actions are harmonious, vital, adequate, and complete. The pulsations of Life are steady, unceasing, and perfect. Love is at the centre of humanity's being, and the calm, continuous pulsations of Life are governed by love.