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Planting the Seeds 2

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This is the second of four "Planting the Seeds" community gatherings hosted by the Centre's new Board of Trustees.

The meeting starts with a review of the last meeting. Then we hear results from the last meeting's small group gatherings, feedback from the community survey questionnaire, and an update on the social media and marketing effort for the Centre. We are then introduced to the idea of Spirit Groups, which are small groups that focus on ministering to the community at large.

A highlight of this meeting is the impassioned speech given by Lisa, which occurs after the 37-minute mark, encouraging us to leave the past behind so that we can continue the work of touching lives by listening to one another and "doing something".

A discussion takes place on the need to revise the meaning of membership as stated in the bylaws.

Dwayne describes the ongoing work on the Centre's Strategic Plan as: "Planting trees under whose shade we never expect to sit." It is also a process of replacing panels on the plane as we fly it.