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How to Not Be Triggered When We're Judged

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As we begin to do church around the purpose of transforming lives instead of doing church around the purpose of feeling better about ourselves, we in the community begin to feel a greater sense of empowerment, partnership, and ownership.

This week, the Centre's transformation coach, Dr. Gary Simmons, visits to teach us how to not be triggered when we're judged.

Knowing how is not enough to begin practicing not being triggered when someone judges us. We need to know why we should not be triggered.

Right now we're living in a story of separation. But we're shifting into a world of inter-being, a shift to a context of wholeness, of oneness.

When we are being judged, here is what we say: Tell me more.

Why? Because the judgement is not about us.

And we may find that behind every judgement is the gift of the revelation of an unmet need. But to get there, we need to stand in the place of "Tell me more."