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God's Will

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To the scientific mind, the will of God is manifest in the immutable laws of the universe. For the overzealous religious, their definition of the will of God appears to come through some special revelation giving birth to a certain spiritual system of thought which forever after is to be taken dogmatically and accepted without question, a truth and a faith once and for all delivered. But it is evident that God's will and God's nature must be identical. If the nature of God is limitation and bondage, then the will of God must be limitation and bondage.

When we use the word God, we mean the Great Reality. The Infinite Unity. The Final Truth back of all manifest life. The Absolute and Causeless Cause. The One Unconditioned Complete and Perfect Being. Indivisible, Changeless, and Whole. If the nature of God, or Reality, were unhappiness, then the will of God would be toward unhappiness. But to suppose that the nature of God could be toward any form of limitation is to suppose not only an inconsistency, but an impossibility. The Truth is Limitless. The Nature of God, then, is not one of limitation or bondage but liberty. Our divine inheritance is self-sufficiency, perfection, peace, wholeness, and this must include abundance, self-expression, accomplishment, and happiness.