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Amor Fati

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Parenting oneself---the creative process by means of each one of us---is never-ending. So it is today on Mother's Day that we celebrate the part of us that is the feminine face of God, because that is in fact the creative part of thought, the thought process that puts whatever ideas we might have into form.

The idea from Stoicism known as Amor Fati represents the immense power of learning to love our fate. Amor Fati is to not only accept everything that life brings us---good or bad---but to love it, to embrace it, and to revel in it. It has all come for us, so that we can look at it and heal it, and not stay stuck.

Epictetus said, "Don't seek for everything to happen as you wish it would. But rather, wish that everything happens as it actually will, and then your life will be serene."