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Facility Rentals

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The Centre has 3 spaces that can be rented: the Sanctuary, the Downstairs Meeting Room, and the Solarium.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a large, warm and inviting space where our Sunday Celebrations take place. The high ceiling has beautiful exposed wooden beams, and the floor is inlaid with a labyrinth 44 feet across.

In basic concert arrangement, there are seats for 315, including a capacity of 36 in the balcony. With the stage extension in place, which brings the speaker/bride & groom out into the audience on a peninsula, there is seating for 265.

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Size: approx. 2898 square feet  (63’ x 46’)

Seats: maximum 315

Moveable upholstered chairs that can be linked together into rows

Excellent for:

  • - Weddings
  • - Concerts
  • - Speakers/workshops
  • - Fundraisers
  • - CD Release Parties

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Equipped with:

  • - media screen
  • - media projector
  • - sound system including wireless microphones
  • - multi-channel sound board (sound technician is extra)
  • - stage monitors
  • - main stage and lower stage extension (visible in photo on next page)
  • - stage is approx. 30’ wide x 16’6” deep


Set-up options:

  • - A: presenter on a stage peninsula, with seating in front and around
  • - B: concert-style seating (presenter/musicians on stage, all seats face forwards)
  • - C: half-seating (forward-facing seats in front half, open space or wine-and-cheese tables in back half)
  • - D: no seating, or seating only on periphery (wide open room)
  • - Other set-ups are possible. Please contact us to discuss what you have in mind.


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For more information, please download Facility Rentals Info. To book one of our facilities, please contact us.

The Downstairs Meeting Room

This multi-purpose room can hold 12-30 people for a meeting, workshop or other get-together. It has a high ceiling, fluorescent lights, and new carpet flooring.

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Size: approx. 850 sq ft  (49’ x 17’ 4”)

Seats: up to 30

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Excellent for:

  • - Workshops
  • - Meetings
  • - Seminars


Equipped with:

  • - media screen
  • - media projector (extra charge)
  • - whiteboard (4’ x 6’)
  • - paper-on-easels


Set-up options:

  • - A: set up for 5 round tables with chairs around (tables are 5 feet in diameter)
  • - B: set up for 6 rectangular tables (tables are 30” x 72”) with chairs behind
  • - C: set up for 15 (or more) chairs in a circle (no tables, or tables only on the edges of the room)
  • - These are just a few ideas; other set-ups are possible!

Please be aware that this room is used for our “Kosmic Kids” program on Sundays, so there are a few kid-friendly graphics on the walls!


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For more information, please download Facility Rentals Info. To book one of our facilities, please contact us.

The Solarium

This sunny, cozy space is excellent for workshops or meetings attended by 5-15 people. With a whole wall of south-facing windows, it gets lovely light. A door opens onto a small, enclosed garden for fresh air and even a small break-out space. It has track lighting and a ceiling fan.


Size: 341 square feet  (19’6” x 17’6”)

Seating: 5-15 people, depending on the configuration

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Excellent for:

  • - Meetings
  • - Small workshops
  • - Training


Equipped with:

  • - two whiteboards
  • - paper-on-easels
  • - electric fireplace
  • - media projector (extra charge)


Set-up options:

  • - A: chairs in a circle (approx. maximum 15) – great for casual workshops or support groups
  • - B: tables arranged in a square (people facing each other; seats  approx. 8-10) – great for board meetings
  • - C: tables arranged in an open square (people face each other, leader’s table is slightly removed; seats approx. 8-10) – great for training or workshops
  • - D: tables in rows with chairs facing forward (rectangular tables are 18” x 5’ long or 18” x 6’ long) – great for training
  • - Other set-ups are also possible.


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Please note: The photos do not indicate exact set-ups.

For more information, please see Facility Rentals Info. To book one of our facilities, please contact us.