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Q Process

The Q Process is a workshop that teaches you the technology to use a 21 day process to live your life moment by moment, day by day in the consciousness of who you came here to be.  I use this example to bring to your attention how we often live by our unconscious shadow parts.  I ask you to see if these statements are true for you...

I came here to be lack.

I came her to be unloveable.

I came here to be not good enough.

I know we came here to NOT live these error beliefs.  We have ALL picked up and embedded into our biology these beliefs from our domestication into our particular cultures.  This happens to everyone as we learn to live in our particular culture.  But at some point we have the opportunity to bring back into our awareness these hidden dark subverted aspects of ourselves and to live in WHOLENESS.  The Paradox is you need the dark to have the light and when we learn to incorporate the extremes we no longer live from absolutes and we are set FREE!

In 21 days, you will be transformed and transforming into WHOLENESS, FREEDOM, PEACE, ABUNDANT LIVING!