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Meditation and Spiritual Dialogue- Weekly

Weekly Sacred Dialogue Group

You are invited to join the group’s facilitator, Reverend Carmien Owen, in the sanctuary of the Centre for Spiritual Living Edmonton (7612 101 Av) for a weekly meditation and sacred dialogue every Thursday. Starting at 6.30 pm we will meditate for approximately 20 minutes before entering into a conscious conversation.


The intention of sacred dialogue is to:

- Allow for sharing of thoughts that have been inspired through your spiritual journey

- Ask questions about applying spirituality to challenging/growth aspects in your life

- Support both the newcomer as well as the seasoned spiritual seeker

- Experience an enveloping connection of support and love


The Dialogue ends when the group feels like it. Typically, the duration of meditation-dialogue ranges between 1.5 to 2 hours.


Cost: By Love Donation. One cannot put a price upon Truth