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Love Partnering Workshop

with Shaeah Love
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Longing to share your love & your life with that special someone?
Fed up with attracting a partner that isn’t right or good for you?
Doubt whether ‘True Love’ is possible for you?

* Claim Your Divine Destiny
* Clear Whatever is in the Way
* Awaken your Magnetic Radiance

This is both an informational and experiential workshop where you will walk away with greater clarity, empowerment and inspiration and some tools you can use ongoingly to call in the love of your life!

Come wearing something you feel beautiful and comfortable and can move easily in. Bring a water bottle, journal and a pen.

Shaeah Love is a certified coach, author & inspirational speaker.
She has been facilitating women’s groups, conscious relating workshops and people's awakening since 2003. She is dedicated to supporting women to find the deepest fulfillment in love and life.

Praise for Get Ready For Love:

"Shaeah's class helped me get really clear about my vision of a partner and what my ideal match up looked and felt like. This was incredibly clarifying and saved the relationship that I was currently breaking up from as I was able to re define and re align my priorities with that person. I highly recommend her guidance, even if you are skeptical of these types of workshops Shaeah is a breath of fresh air and has a unique and genuine approach, thank you for sharing your guidance with us Shaeah!"~ Beata