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Kundalini Dance

Who is Kundalini Dance for?
Anyone 16+ who are deeply desiring:

1. Freedom in Life through Freedom of Movement! (no choreography or dance experience is required) If you feel stuck/unclear/full of fear, this is a good way to get things aligned again.

2. To remember the Body-Mind-Emotions-Spirit connection and learning how to check in with the intelligence of your body and emotions and either heal or come back to stillness.

3. Shifting your perception towards a relationship, event, situation, transition... so that you can be free from your wounded perception of it and begin to live your life in a new way.

4. To explore "dance as medicine" from different traditions around the world in a dance based on ceremony, breath work, sacred space, and releasing repressed emotions.

5. Self-Love and Acceptance of all that you are- light, shadow, and every shade of grey.

To learn more about the essence origin of Kundalini dance, please go to my webpage:

Where is the 2018 "Courage To Bloom" Series?

Monday nights from April 9-June 18 from 6:45-10:00 p.m. at the Centre for Spiritual Living at 7621 101 Avenue in Edmonton. There is plenty of on street parking and a parking lot west of the building. Please enter the front door.

April 9- Intro Class (***bring a friend to try the class out with you)

April 16- Root Chakra (red) 

April 23- Sacral Chakra (orange)

April 30- Solar Plexus (yellow)

May 7- Heart & Thymus Chakra (Green/Teal)

May 14- Throat Chakra (Deep Blue)


May 28- Third Eye Journey (Indigo Blue)

June 4- Crown Chakra (Violet)

June 11- Celebration!!!! (Potluck, Sharing, Passion Show)

*** This facility is wheelchair accessible! Woo hoo! If you have some mobility/energy issues, you are always welcome to come to class, be part of the community and yet sit in a chair and meditate/chair dance/visualize.

What does a class look like, so I know what to expect?

Dance Journey Map:

6:45 p.m. Doors open and you are invited to silently settle into the sacred space created for you. You can meditate, stretch, breathe and come into the moment. This is a good time to scan your body and become aware of what it may telling you in the moment, observe your thoughts with mindfulness, touch upon what emotions are present, and how your spirit feels. The lobby can be for quiet conversation, but the dance space is for silence. Please respect this request.

7:00 p.m. Opening circle: Together we share our experiences and intentions. I will share a few guiding insights into the chakra we are dancing tonight or a new awareness on an aspect of the dance that we will be exploring together.

7:30-9:30 p.m. We will explore our dance ceremony for the morning, navigating the energies, elements and Kundalini Dance wisdom of one chakra per class (except for our intro class and the crown chakra where we dance through each one!) The dance is a ceremony of calling upon the Divine Mother/Feminine energy from the Earth/Below to unite with the Divine Father/Masculine energy from the Sky/Above in our hearts, and to dance with this support and connection. You are facilitated throughout with prompts, inquiries that help you connect with awareness, let go of what is holding you back, and helping you to return to self-love and acceptance with forgiveness, raising your energy, and welcoming in a whole lot of grace!

9:30-9:45 p.m. We close our ceremony, honouring the Earth and Divine Source meeting one another in our hearts and lie down to integrate our dance journey for some time before coming back to circle and sharing our insights, inspirations, realizations and gratitude with our tribe. We choose to let go of our old stories and are empowered to share the new ones. It is through the power of the “sacred witness” that we are given permission to remember who we are, and let go of all that does not serve our highest vision of our life!

9:45-10:00 p.m. onwards: Enjoy integrating with conversation and farewell hugs with your fellow dancers, and then go home for a cup of tea, perhaps some quiet journal time or a relaxing bath with 1/3 cup of himalayan salts (no epsom salts when doing energy work!) to cleanse any toxins released, and be able to settle in for a deep rest.

Between each class: You will be supported by weekly Facebook group posts with suggested integration and exploration practices. I have many suggested blogs, books to read and exercises to do on my website: Check it out at

What is the "Energy Exchange" for this 9-week series?

Earlybird pricing will be available, and then the full price will be $225 for the full 9 week series. A $100 deposit is required to hold your place in the class, and payment plans are available with a discussion.

What you will Receive: 

*** You will get 3 hours/week of class involving two hours of movement and time to settle into the space/opening and closing circles/time to mingle and meet people.

*** You will get weekly FB group messages that help you to learn about the chakras and get you focused on your life with some reflection/journalling/life practices you can integrate.

*** I am available to support you in a variety of ways between classes because I know how turbulent the awakening and healing journey can be from a lifetime of experience. I am here for you!!! You are welcome to connect with me on the phone or book a healing session with me for further support and integration (scroll below for more details).

*** You will be part of a Tribe of likeminded, "going deep" into their own healing participants that are going to be there for you as well. We always help each other out and support one another outside of class.

*** I give little gifts each class that sometimes make people's days just a bit better. Everyone's loves surprises like me, right? 

*** We will have an awesome celebration together on June 11th!

Introducing the Facilitator/Transformational Guide:

Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer is a passionate woman rising to fulfill her evolutionary potential by following her heart’s calling to fully embrace the shamanic healer, ecstatic temple dancer, priestess and messenger archetypes within her soul. Her purpose is to inspire people in their personal awakening journeys, through her courageous and authentic embodiment of her I AM presence.

Dance Biography:

Olivia has always been moved by dance, but one day, embraced by her wild woman spirit, she liberated her body-mind-spirit from all restrains of choreography, shaking the rules and confines of performance dance out of the cells of her body. It has been a journey of transformation through expressive movement that has become her greatest joy and passion. Inspired by the healing powers of dance, she discovered Kundalini Dance on her path of awakening and had come into an ever-deepening acceptance of herself and the world around her through this spiritual practice. She is passionately on purpose when sharing this shamanic chakra dance journey that explores the Roots & Wings of one’s very essence self! When Fire Phoenix Dancer is not on the dance floor, you may also find her sharing meditations, ceremonies, healing circles, special events, shamanic healing sessions, expressing her creative playfulness, spending time in nature, and most importantly, daring to be true to herself.

Healing Sessions:

If you would like to deepen your experience with a shamanic healing sessions focusing on one particular issue you would like to heal, please contact me and I would be happy to provide you further support. My business is called Phoenix Alchemy and my name is under Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer. I have been studying out with Algonquin medicine man Pete Bernard from the Ottawa area out of Healing Connections and have completed a 2.5 year training program with him and will continue to study from him indefinitely. His teachings have changed my life, and the lives of so many people across Canada and the world. It is an honour to be in service in this way.

My calendar for my sessions will be open for bookings at Codega Wellness Centre in the Highlands area of Edmonton (11209 65th Street, Edmonton).


If you have any questions for Olivia that are not answered here, please contact her via email or a text message.


Text: 780-932-1109