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Getting to Know YOU!

Did you know there are massage therapists, reiki practitioners, nutrition experts, writers and real estate agents in our community? As the Martin Kerr song says, “I know you’re out there, I know you’re in there!” You are the hidden gems in our community and we want to give you a chance to shine!

If you run a home-based business, are certified in any field, have crafts or creations you’d like to show off or sell, Getting to Know You is the perfect opportunity! It isn’t always appropriate to network for your business on Sundays and you may not have many chances to (humbly) brag about your accomplishments! This is your chance! Be bold, be brave, and get yourself out there!

How it Works

Friday, April 27th  2 – 8 pm (set up starts at noon)

Saturday, April 28th  9 am – 4 pm (Take-down immediately after and please help us set up the chairs for Sunday.)

For TWO days in April, we will set up tables in the main sanctuary for you to display your wares, info packages and network with people about what you do. You’ll pay a small fee, $30 for the table, but you can showcase as many things as you like at your booth. For example, if you paint and also make candles, you can display both. If you are a coach/consultant, you can showcase all the various services you offer (including your home-made candles, for example). There will also be a Community Garage Sale at the same time, so we are bound to get lots of foot traffic! We are looking for an outside vendor to provide hot dogs or similar food, because every event is more fun with food.

You also get to practice tithing! Keep track of all your sales and give 10% back to the centre. This helps us set that low table-price ($30) and yet still make it a fundraiser. What a great way to tithe! It will be fun getting to know what your fellow CSL members do, too! You don’t have to be a member to have a table, however, for now, we are not opening this event up to the public to display their products/services. We’d like to keep it in the community.

If you have questions, please contact Steve Sande at 780 264 0909 or or Teresa Griffith at