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Evolving Paradigms - Foundations for Organizational Coherence

Evolving Paradigms

Moving into Agreement:

the Foundation for Organization Coherence


                Friday, February 9, 2018

                6 pm – 9 pm


                       CSL GIVING BACK TO

                              BRING FORTH A WORLD THAT WORKS FOR ALL

[Text Box: In this time of political divisiveness, environmental degradation, violence and suffering, what is ours to do to assist in healing and transformation? What organizational models best serve to help facilitate global awakening? What spiritual practices can help to midwife a new era of conscious living, ultimately bringing forth a new world that works for all? We will examine: • Cultural evolutionary development • Society’s current worldview and story • Shadow integration & Coherence • How one person’s conscious intention can impact the whole • Spirituality’s role in creating a paradigm shift to a more awakened world Come prepared to explore how to apply heart-centered, compassion-filled principles and teachings to facilitate transformational growth – both individually and collectively. If you are feeling the call to help usher in an emerging paradigm of cultural and social evolutionary change, this workshop is for you! Perhaps our very survival hinges on it. Are you on the Transformation Transition Team?]      

[Text Box: 7621-101 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta T6A 0J6 Tel: (780) 469-1909] [Text Box: Dr. Jane Simmons is an ordained Unity minister, and holds a doctoral degree in Theology from Holos University Graduate Seminary. She is the author of You Can’t Sleep Through Your Awakening. Jane is the co-founder of The Q Effect and is a powerful speaker, writer, workshop facilitator and educator with a commitment to heart-centered approaches to personal transformation.]