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Rev. Dr. Patrick Cameron

Spiritual Director, Senior Minister

Excitement, passion and vision are alive at the Centre and it is fueling the momentum and growth of this wonderful spiritual community.

Patrick Cameron is the spiritual director, senior minister and a visionary leader of the Centre. His vision is not just about numbers, or a building – it is about meeting the spiritual needs of people. As Patrick puts it, "We stand for the best of traditions, that love that Jesus stood for. People show up on a Sunday and we want them to be inspired, moved or shifted – each of us being a portal of the divine in our own individual way."

It all began with Patrick developing and nurturing a vision. In 1979 he moved from Minnesota where he was raised in a devout Catholic family to California to pursue an acting career. Over a ten year period acting success was realized in various stage, television and movie productions. Along with acting, Patrick became a master carpenter and craftsman. Despite some good fortune in the acting industry, Patrick’s spiritual hunger and longing for true connection grew strong. Patrick found the teaching of the Science of Mind during this period which became a way "to fill my empty cup”, and “to connect with God in a personal way." Today, Science of mind is taught in Centers for Spiritual living across the globe.

"Acting was my dream but not my calling." Patrick immersed himself in the Science of Mind teaching. Stellar teachers and mentors helped to develop Patrick's spiritual ministry and when he moved to Edmonton a new vision was born. The vision continues to unfold and grow. Shared leadership and the commitment and involvement of this community to the application of spiritual principles and tools to transform individual lives are alive and continue to propel this Centre with growth and opportunities for everyone.

Patrick's inclusive leadership style, the striving for authentic relationships and a commitment to continued transformation and opportunities to connect people to their own individual personal relationship with the Divine is a clear vision, a passionate calling.

"My life work is spiritual discovery and application. I am passionate for the experience of the Beloved. I’ve witnessed the power and potential of spiritual community and I know people, young and old, who apply the tools of this teaching are practical mystics. My personal and public commitment is to the individual, community and global transformation; A world that works for everyone!"

Dr. Patrick serves on the Board of the Centers for Spiritual Living.


Rev. Tammie Banting

Staff Minister

Reverend Tammie Banting spent most of her adult life on a quest for a Spiritual home and a teaching that she felt was the truth of her being. In coming to the Centre for Spiritual Living she new immediately that the teachings of Ernest Holmes were exactly what she had been searching for.

Reverend Tammie  passion is sharing the principles of this teaching and how they can truly change your life through the classes that she is honored to teach. “The highest expression of each person lies waiting to be revealed as we explore these principles”.

She is actively involved in being an agent for change in the lives of children affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa and travels there to volunteer knowing the highest and best for these children and their community.